As we move toward our second year in business, we’re excited to bring you some fresh, delicious cookie dough options!

New Flavors – Just in time for Spring, our friends who have a sweet tooth that craves a bit of fruitiness will be excited to try our new Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Lush cookie doughs.  We’re also thrilled to deliver another highly requested flavor for our peanut butter fans with our Peanut Butter Cookie dough.  And finally, for our chocolate lovers, we’re giving our chocolate flavor a glow up with our new Fudge Brownie cookie dough.

New Sizes – Our original size options of 12oz and 4oz were based on the capacity of the jars we get from packaging suppliers.  What we didn’t realize in the beginning is that those capacity amounts are based on volume, not weight.  We portion our dough by weight, so 12 ounces of dough by weight doesn’t fill up the jar completely.  We’re taking this opportunity to start filling the jars to the top.  Doing so will reset the size options of our current jars, and we’re also introducing a new size.  Our new size options all together are 14oz, 10oz and 5oz.

New Look – While we’re making changes to our flavors and our sizes, we figured we’d freshen up our look as well.  Our newly designed labels are simplified and sleek.  We’re printing them in house now, so batch info will be printed directly on them.  We’ll also be able to customize them with holiday themes, and for special occasions.