3rd & Spoon Cookie Dough

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your cookie dough safe to eat?

Our doughs are crafted without eggs, and our flour is heat-treated flour. This eliminates all potentially harmful ingredients.

Does your edible cookie dough need to be refrigerated?

It does not need to be refrigerated before opening. We use only shelf-stable ingredients for our cookie dough. As an additional assurance, we have had our dough tested by a certified food lab for shelf stability. Refrigeration can extend the product’s shelf life, but the dough will remain safe at room temperature for up to one week after opening.

Is it normal to see some oil around the top of the dough?

Sometimes our dough gets warm while on display at an outdoor market on a hot day, or while being shipped.  When it gets warm, it’s totally normal to have a small amout of oil separation inside the jar.  The dough is still safe to enjoy!  We do recommend that if you decide to refrigerate your warm dough to firm it up, you should first give it a quick stir or remove any separated oil.  If refrigerated with separated oil still in the jar with the dough, the oil will get firm and turn white.  It’s still safe to eat at that point, just not so pretty to look at!

Is your cookie dough gluten-free?

No, at this time we do not offer any gluten-free options. It is an option we will work to develop in the future.

Is your cookie dough vegan?

Our cookie dough is vegan-friendly, with the exception of Chocolate Chip Cookie and Strawberry Cheesecake, which contain milk products.

Aside from the exceptions noted above, our dough does not contain any other animal-based products.  Please note that we use granulated cane sugar that may come from different suppliers based on availability and pricing, and it’s possible that animal byproducts may have been used during its processing.

Can I just eat the cookie dough right out of the jar?

Yes! But that’s not the only way to enjoy it! Use it as a dip, as a spread, as a filling, as a topping on ice cream!

What is the shelf-life of your cookie dough?

The standard shelf life for our cookie dough is 9 weeks.  This time is based on the production date of the dough and represents shelf life before opening.  Once your dough has been opened, different things can impact the shelf life.  For best results after opening, keep the lid closed tighly, store the dough in a cool and dark place, and use clean utensils for scooping the dough out of the jar.  Refrigerating the dough can extend its freshness, and is recommended one week after opening.

Can your dough be baked into cookies?

Yes, it can and they are delicious! Because our dough does not contain eggs, the cookies will bake flat and crispy.

I want to give your cookie dough as a gift. When should I order?

During the holidays, we offer a pre-order service so that your gift can be made and shipped in the weeks before Christmas to ensure it’s as fresh as possible.  In 2023, this service will be available online from Nov 15th – Dec 10th.

Throughout the rest of the year, when giving our dough as a gift for birthdays or other special ocassions, we recommend you order around 10 days before the ocassion if the order is being shipped, or up to 2 days before the event if the order is being delivered locally.  You can also contact us in advance to check on product availability and for custom ordering options.

We also offer gift cards for online purchases.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes!  We have gift cards available in our shop in a variety of amounts.  The can be delivered to the recipients immediately via email.

Is your dough available in any retail stores?

Currently our dough is available in a few shops that are local to us:

The Humble Crate, Artisan Market Place in Pickerington

Fantasy Cupcake in Canal Winchester

Keller Market House in Lancaster

The product I want is on backorder. How long will it take to receive it?

Not long in most cases!  We keep a small set of stock set aside for our online store.  But we usually have much more product on hand for our markets and vendor events.  If your product says it’s on backorder, chances are we can pull it from our market stock and fill it within a day or two.  If we don’t have it on hand, we make fresh products weekly.  So backorders will not take more than a week to be filled in most cases.

Please see the Backorders section of our policies page for more information.

How can I find information about product recalls?

If we ever need to recall a product, we will post alerts to all of our social media pages, send an alert to our email subscribers, and post an alert about it directly to our home page.  You can also check out our Product Alerts page for all current and past recalls.