About Us

My love for raw cookie dough began in childhood and continues to this day. A few years ago, I began experimenting with safe cookie dough recipes to the delight of my wife and children. Now a full-fledged, family-owned small business, we offer our unique cookie dough brands to the public through online sales, and at local farm markets and boutique retailers.

We are thrilled that our delicious edible cookie doughs are gaining popularity and are an affordable indulgent treat in many homes.

3rd & Spoon is a family-owned business located in Central Ohio.

What’s in a name?

Our Story

What’s with this name 3rd & Spoon?  It really comes from a couple different places.  I can remember when I was a kid and my mom would bake cookies, she always used two spoons to scoop and drop the balls of dough onto the cookie sheets.  I had a serious sweet tooth and wasn’t satisfied with just a quick finger swipe into the dough, so I’d grab my own spoon and scoop a whole glob of dough for myself.  My spoon was the third spoon.  Those memories were the inspiration for naming this company.  The other part of the story is that I wanted this company to be a destination; a place where people who share these same kinds of memories can go to find some sweet tastes of home and comfort.  3rd & Spoon sounded like just such a destination, and so it came to be.

We’re thrilled, honored and humbled that you’ve found your way here!

our commitment to quality and goodness

Ready to eat

Traditional doughs and batters we all make at home, while delicious and tempting, do carry some risk. Raw eggs and raw flour can both be contaminated with bacteria that can cause illness. Our dough ditches the eggs and uses flour that has been pastuerized with a heat-treatment that safely removes any potentially harmful contaminents.

Shelf stability

Our dough does not contain milk, butter, or any other ingredients that require refrigeration.  Each of our flavors is tested by a certified food lab to meet requirements for shelf stability.  Therefore, our dough does not need to be refrigerated before opening.  After opening, keep the lid closed tightly and your dough will stay tasty at room temperature for one week, or until its best by date.  If your dough gets warm or even hot through shipping, it’s still fine.  When should it be refrigerated?  After it’s best by date, one week after opening (if it lasts that long!), if someone has been “double dipping” their spoon in it, or any time you just want to firm it up a bit.  Conversely, you can pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it back up before enjoying.

ways to enjoy

Here is where you can get creative!  Grabbing a spoon and digging in might be the quickest way to get that sweet fix, but our dough is quite versatile too.  It’s a great compliment to ice cream, either as a side scoop, chilled and crumbled as a topping, or added to a milkshake for a flavor boost.  You can also spread it on cookies, dip animal crackers in it, or use it as a filling between cake layers.  So many fun ways to enjoy it, and we’d love to hear of the unique ways you come up with!

Baking & Freezing

Our dough can be baked, but because it doesn’t include eggs, the cookies will be flat and crispy.  If you want to freeze your dough, we recommend placing it in a freezer-safe container first.

Clean kitchen

We produce our dough in a commercial kitchen.  Keeping that kitchen and all of our equipment clean is an absolute top priority for us.


Our jars are 100% recycleable plastic, and they are also top-shelf dishwasher safe.  Please recycle or reuse!

what our customer say about our dough


Absolutely the best edible cookie dough I’ve had. A taste so balanced and on-point in terms of both sweetness and richness that you’ll feel as if you’ve been let in on some secret while also wanting to share with everyone. So, keep something for yourself by telling a friend about 3rd and Spoon!”

This cookie dough is the best!!! Chocolate Chip is my favorite. Having a bad day this comfort food hits the spot!!”

Huge hit in our house!!!  We couldn’t stop eating it!  Can’t wait to try in icecream. I don’t know what the secret recipe is in there, but it’s by far the best cookie dough ever!”

From our first scoop of 3rd & Spoon cookie dough we were hooked!! Our personal favorite is the chocolate chip. Sometimes you just want to sneak a little (or big) treat. Enjoy!!